I'm Scared is a short film based on the art of pop-surrealist painter Greg "Craola" Simkins.  A creator of beautiful, strange worlds and creatures, Simkins' work has been featured in solo gallery shows, coffee table books, vinyl toys, even skateboard art. Together with director Pete Levin, whose credits include IFC's Comedy Bang Bang and Cartoon Network's MAD, our team will be bringing Greg's world into the third dimension as a stop motion animated short film. 

The script is complete. Bizarre creatures and characters have been designed and translated into dimensional stop motion puppets. Tiny sets and props have been meticulously built and painted. Some of the finest sculptors, fabricators, and painters have created a miniature world that will be brought to life frame by frame in exacting stop motion animation.

From here, we plan to evoke the specific lighting of Simkins' paintings, to create the sound design and music to go with these images, and of course get the feeling just right when Simkins' creations finally come to life through movement and acting! 


8-year-old insomniac Ralf describes to his little brother all of the dangers that lurk in the shadows, waiting to devour the two of them.

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